Namida® 100% Pure Wasabi Powder

As tested by by the Office of Consumer Affairs (Amt für Verbraucherschutz) in Aarau, Switzerland

This wasabi powder is truly the best you can get. It is True Sawa Wasabi, or Hon-Wasabi as it is known in Japan.

Why is this special?

Nearly everyone knows about Wasabi. It is normally described as the fiery hot paste served with sushi. It is a dark green in colour when mixed to a paste, and looks like Avocado. It has gained urban myth status as a snorting powder (certainly not recommended), and is often used as a sinus clearer with naive sushi eaters who don’t know any better – much to the amusement of everybody else.

Why is Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder so different?

Ø It only contains one ingredient – Wasabia japonica rhizome. There’s that word again – so I shall explain what it is. Wasabia japonica is a root plant that grows above ground. The root looks like a knobbly green carrot snaking around on top of the ground. This root is called the rhizome, the other parts of the plant do not contain the flavour and punch that the rhizome does. It is for that reason that we only use the rhizome in our Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder. You get the best because we make sure you only get the rhizome.

Ø How can we be so sure that you only get the rhizome? Because we grow, process and package all our own products. How many other suppliers can say that?

Trimmed fresh Sawa Wasabi rhizome

Trimmed fresh Sawa Wasabi rhizome

Ø Our Wasabia japonica plants are all grown organically and naturally in running water. This type of wasabi is known as SAWA wasabi, and is the best that you can get.

Ø We grow our Namida® Pure Wasabia japonica using natural rainwater. Our filtering systems ensure that you get what you want most – 100% Pure Wasabi!

Ø Using filtered rainwater ensures that we do not need to use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides to keep the plants alive as they do when the wasabi is grown in the ground. This inferior type of wasabi is known as Oka wasabi.

Ø Our Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder is freeze-dried rather than heat-treated. This ensures that all the volatile flavours and goodness are retained in the powder and not driven off by the heating process.

Ø We store all our finished Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder in a freezer until we ship it to you. As a free flow powder you can take and use what you want without fear of losing the flavours – so long as you seal the container and put it back into the freezer.

Ø The flavour of the Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica is different to the coloured Horseradish that is normally served. It has a real punch into the sinuses, and a very pleasant delicate aftertaste that melts off the tongue. The sinus jolt is almost instantaneous, but goes just as quickly – leaving no after effects. Except maybe a tear from the corner of the eye, and a shocked expression. The name of our product is Namida® – meaning tear – can’t say you haven’t been warned!

Ø At the end of the day, the fact that we are fanatical to ensure that you get the very best that can be produced is why Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder is different from everything else on the market.

Ø As the World’s #1 Supplier of 100% Pure Wasabia japonica products you can be sure that you will get the best from the best when you buy from us. We guarantee it!

Ø To make 1 Kg of the Namida® 100% Pure Wasabi Powder we use 4kgs of Sawa Wasabia japonica rhizome. Clean and trim it, freeze dry it and then crush it. This retains all the flavour and chemical components that make Wasabia japonica the health powerhouse that scientists are discovering today. This Namida® 100% Pure Wasabi Powder is concentrated goodness with the ability to seek and destroy your dead and dying cells, including cancerous cells and get them out of your body.

You can purchase this product direct from the producer, or you can buy it from this page. If you do buy it through this page then we get a small amount that helps us keep the website going.

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"NAMIDA®" 100% Pure Wasabi™ Powder


Namida 100% Wasabia japonica powder

Namida® 100% Wasabia japonica Powder.
The best there is.
As endorsed by Dr. Oz on his TV program.



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Now that you have the best True Wasabi this is how you get the best out of it.


  1. Pamela says

    My first order of Namida Wasabi powder arrived and I made sushi last night. I just LOVE the complicated flavor of the real stuff, hot then sweet. I like the horseradish stuff they serve in most restaurants, but it is nowhere near as interesting as the real thing.

    I am going to take advantage of your special offer, below, as I know I will want to have Wasabi available in the house. I can't wait to try it on roast beef and lamb next!

    I notice that after about two hours, the flavor disappears entirely, so now know that it must be mixed up AFTER the sushi rolls are ready to eat. I will certainly remember this.

    Thank you for making this wonderful food available.

    Best wishes,
    Pamela Klein

  2. bossink says

    Loved your Wasabi

    Congratulations to you for getting this far.
    Have tried your Wasabi (the real one) and I loved it.
    I only ordered 2 small pots to try out but I soon will order a bigger one.
    Please tell me how long I can keep the wasabi and what is the best way to store it when it is opened.

    Greetings to you all from
    Frans Bossink.

    • Wasabi Maestro says

      Hi Frans,

      We are pleased that you enjoy our 100% Pure Namida Wasabi Powder.

      Once opened then keep it in the fridge or freezer. See this article which has a lot more details about how to make and store it.

      Also did you know that we have met the EU Labelling requirements for using 100% Pure Wasabi on our labels. The full story is here.

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