Hello, I'm interested in growing wasabi. Why? Because I have had real wasabi and love the taste, plus where I live apparently it's one of the few plants that would grow really well. I live a "hobbit-hole" surrounded by pines and cedars, very little light by a stream in Covington WA..
My dilemma is finding seeds for a high quality plant. The only seeds I've found are Mazuma. Do you have any recommendations?

By: Lisa Nealon


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    Hello Lisa,

    You asked for help in "finding seeds for a high quality plant".

    The problem is that seeds are a hit and miss affair. You can never be sure about what you are going to get until the plant has grown.

    Add to that the fact that wasabi seeds are very difficult to sprout, and I cannot recommend going that way.

    You need to approach the Aussie Government laboratories that hold stock of tissue culture for wasabi, and see what they have. They might be able to supply you with some plants. I think there might be one in Victoria.

    With AQIS, the possibility of getting any plant material (tissue culture or grown on) into Australia is exceedingly low.

    We have just released a Wasabi Growers Primer which covers things like ways to grow wasabi, what cultivars there are, fertiliser, water, light and other environmental requirements.

    It can be found here.

    Go and have a look, it might be what you need to move a bit more ahead from where you are in looking at growing wasabi.