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2020 Wasabi Harvest Forecast
The Wasabi Harvest Forecast for 2020 is not good. At the end of 2019 I was made aware that there would be a shortage of Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) pure product worldwide in 2020. Read the details here.
What growing system?
Selecting either OKA or SAWA Wasabi growing system depends on your current circumstances. Take a short quiz to find out what system suits you. Information on inside growing systems that can be used.
Orchids Wasabi Powder 2 oz
This product contains a toxic substance which is banned in most countries outside the US. Reviewer regards this as a dangerous product. Read full review here.
Wasabi Avocado Cream Sauce
This is a very rich and tasty cream that can be used either as a flavour additive to a meat and fish meal. I prefer to use it as dip, but each to their own. There will be other recipes that use this cream sauce as an ingredient.
What is the difference between Wasabi and Wasabia japonica?
The scientists with their fancy equipment and reports to definitively state if Wasabi powder actually contains Wasabia japonica or not. The only people who know if a certain Wasabi powder contains Wasabia japonica or not are the growers and processors who actually make the product. In the end, It comes down to the end user being satisfied with the product they are using and does it suit their purpose.
Wasabi now in McD’s
Wasabi on the menu at McDonalds. Also becoming a firm favourite in other fast food outlets and manufacturers. Wasabi has finally reached mainstream with these mega organisations getting involved.
Michel Van Mellaerts
Wasabi Maestro

About the Author

Michel is a Brit and lived in New Zealand from 1972 - 2012 where he started growing wasabi in 1990 with his wife Jenny. He has a number of degrees and now lives in South East Asia where he is supposed to be retired, but still spends 8 hour a day (or more) helping others to grow wasabi and acts as an Evangelist for the health benefits of Wasabia japonica (Wasabi). He and his wife have been growing Wasabi commercially since 1990 and has set up 14 wasabi growing farms from the Arctic Circle to the south of New Zealand, including the equator. Recognised as one of the world's experts on growing wasabi he wants to pass on his hard won knowledge to other potential wasabi growers. He prefers to be known as a Wasabi Growing Specialist and not a Consultant.

I am very interested in growing wasabi in my aquaponics system. I have been researching on how to do this for many months. Thank you for your information and hard work! Your's is the best information I have found on the web.

Madison Shelly (USA)
Jane Smith

I appreciate the fact that you are candidly honest with people up front about the dedication, time, and effort involved in making this decision to grow wasabi.

I am a dedicated person, passionate about helping people with cancer, arthritis, tumors, etc. As a farmer at heart, I can imagine myself talking to people at the local farmers market on Saturday mornings and selling the leaves and stems, making yummy samples up. So marketing is not a problem for me, it’s a natural. I have great faith in the crop and with all the technology and guidance from those who have gone before, I can’t wait to get more info!!!

Cindy de Peon (USA)
Jane Smith

Loved your Wasabi

Congratulations to you for getting this far.

Have tried your Wasabi (the real one) and I loved it.

I only ordered 2 small pots to try out but I soon will order a bigger one.

Greetings to you all from

Frans Bossink (USA)
Shane Melaugh

My beloved husband, died of bladder cancer on October 9th. I believe the wasabi capsules helped him to live a full, active life for 9 months until the cancer returned with a vengeance last August. His suffering was brief, for which I thank God.

Lani Pike (USA)
Shane Melaugh

My first order of Namida Wasabi powder arrived and I made sushi last night. I just LOVE the complicated flavor of the real stuff, hot then sweet. I like the horseradish stuff they serve in most restaurants, but it is nowhere near as interesting as the real thing.

I am going to take advantage of your special offer, below, as I know I will want to have Wasabi available in the house. I can’t wait to try it on roast beef and lamb next!

I notice that after about two hours, the flavor disappears entirely, so now know that it must be mixed up AFTER the sushi rolls are ready to eat. I will certainly remember this.

Thank you for making this wonderful food available.

Best wishes,

Pamela Klein (USA)
Shane Melaugh
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