How to Set up Your Own Wasabi Farm

(by Following Simple Steps)

A Simple Build By Numbers Course for YOU to Set Up Your Own Wasabi Farm:

  • This is NOT a Franchise or License that requires you to sell all your Wasabi to us (or anyone else).
  • This Simple Growing System is still being used in Canada and the USA. It works and has worked for over 25 years.
  • Single Payment to build as many Wasabi Farms as you want on your own property.

Useful and Correct Information about Growing Wasabia japonica (Wasabi) has been hard to come by since the Japanese started cultivating the plant over a 1000 years ago. 

If you have arrived at this information page, then you have probably discovered already how difficult it is for you to get any useful and correct information about growing Wasabi on a commercial basis.

The main reason you can't get any sort of information you can hang your hat on is because the current Wasabi growers do not want any more growers entering the market and stealing their customers.

That would be a justifiable reason if the Wasabi market was being oversupplied with product that was driving the price of Wasabi down.

That though is not the case as the number of Wasabi growers on a worldwide basis is dropping faster than new Wasabi growers appear, and prices are continually increasing.

The information and Wasabi growing experience is also dropping as Wasabi growers retire or die taking their hard won knowledge to the grave with them.

Most of the information floating around on the Internet is the same repeated BS, written and published by people (and organisations) that have never grown a commercial crop of Wasabi in their lives.

Sure they might have grown a couple of hundred plants for a Ph.D. thesis or to get their name in a magazine or newspaper, but never actually made money from it. Most of the information contained in these "learned papers" and articles are useless for a commercial operation.

What you need is REAL information from REAL Wasabi Growers who have tried (and invented) a number of Wasabi growing techniques that have produced REAL money over a number of growing cycles and years.​

This is the information you as a Newby Wasabi Grower wants - not necessarily all the fancy stuff, but something that is reliable and works, and makes you money.

Can you trust what you find scattered about over the Internet or in the papers reliable enough to trust your hard earned cash and time on chasing your dream?

Of course you don't!

You want hard, concrete facts and methods that work and give you the return and lifestyle that you want by becoming a Wasabi Grower.

“Wasabi Growers since 1990, and world leaders in Wasabi growing and processing technologies together with researching Medical uses for Wasabia japonica, the Wasabi Maestroes are the World's Leading Wasabi experts.”

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Access to over 25 years Wasabi Growing Experience.

You do not need to become a researcher to figure out what you need to do. Follow the instructions and you will be growing Wasabi in the shortest possible time.

Ask the Wasabi Maestroes questions if you need to.​

A proven Wasabi Growing System for hundreds of harvests.

This growing system has been in use for many years and hundreds of harvests and is still being used in the USA and Canada. It grows Wasabi and is straightforward to set up and operate.

No contract to sell any Wasabi to us. Maximise your profits.

You are your own boss. You set your own prices and sell to your own customers. No franchise or sales license agreement. Make as much money as you want without giving a cut to a middleman.

"Good Information"

"A lot of good information! Thank you!."

- Filip (USA)

This Is how we Started Growing Wasabi back in 1990.

"Hard Work to set up, but got money back on first crop"

Back when Jenny and I decided to attempt to grow Wasabi there was no one around who were prepared to help us, so we had to come up with a method that we thought might work.

Needless to say the first couple of attempts did not work and we killed quite a few plants before we came up with this method of growing Wasabi to the point where we could sell them.

The money we made from the first crop paid for the setting up and operation of all the attempts up to that time, and put some extra in the Bank as well.

This initial success allowed us to grow from a small Wasabi growing operation in the front garden to a full on commercial Wasabi growing system that is still being used today.

"Simple to set up and Operate"

This Wasabi Growing system is simple to set up and operate, but does require some heavy lifting and carrying.

The good thing about this simple Wasabi Growing system is that you can make it any shape or size you want. We do not recommend using it for more than 10,000 Wasabi plants in one bed  as this increases your chances of a total disaster if something goes wrong. 

"You are Farming"

I should point out that no matter how much you plan and make allowances for things to go wrong, you are farming and plants do die for no apparent reason.

You will be growing living plants, and not manufacturing Wasabi as though you are in a factory where you can control everything.

This simple Wasabi growing system will last a long time with care and attention.

You will Grow Wasabi using this Simple Growing System by following the instructions!

Growing Wasabi Using this Simple Growing System

"Healthy Wasabi Plants after growing for a couple of months in this System"

This is what you can expect your Wasabi plants to look like after growing in this Simple Wasabi Growing System after a couple of months. 

Wasabi can be grown in any area where it is protected from bad weather conditions.

Wasabi is a cold weather plant, but it doesn't like wind, sunshine or being frozen. Any shelter that protects the plant can be used. More information can be found in the shelter section of the course,

  • Got an old / new shed, greenhouse, shadehouse that you can use?
  • Build a shelter yourself. Ideas and photographs are in the course.

Grow Your Wasabi without sprays and get visitors.

Getting visitors like this frog is possible by following suggested procedures and not using chemical sprays around the Wasabi plants.

Pest and disease controls are also included in this Common Wasabi Growing System Course.

This is the result you want.

These are what Your Wasabi rhizomes should look like when you have finished growing them in the Simple  Wasabi Growing System.

These Wasabi rhizomes have been cleaned, trimmed, scrubbed and are ready for the customer to buy.

Tissue cultured Wasabi  Plants or grow from Seed?

Either type of Wasabi plantlets can be used in this Simple Wasabi Growing System.

There are a number of growers who are able to supply Wasabi plantlets. Some require a minimum order quantity.

What You’ll Get...

Here is what is included in this Simple Wasabi Growing System Course.


The devil is in the details. We give you the details you need.


We show you how to find out how many plants you can grow.


Preparing the ground for your Wasabi Farm.


What types of shelter you can use.


Setting up your water supply.


The growing bed is the heart of your Wasabi Farm.


How to get best growth from the Wasabi plants.


What to look for and how to deal with it.


Shelter set up to encourage growth and health.


How to grow your Wasabi to maturity.


Doing this right ensures highest returns,


Getting ready for the next Wasabi crop.

"Turn Your Dreams Into This!"

A Simple Wasabi Growing Farm that is growing well and is healthy.

This is the Real Deal from the Wasabi Maestroes. There is no flannel or BS on how to set up your OWN Wasabi Farm. If you are serious about wanting to grow Wasabi without getting entangled in Franchises then this information is just what you need. A single payment is all that is required. Do it now - Use the button below!

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The Simple Wasabi Growing System Course 

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Wasabi Growers Primer

"Bonus #1!"

"Wasabi Growers Primer"

"As a Bonus I will provide you with a copy of the 66 page Wasabi Growers Primer. Valued at USD$497.00.

This contains a lot more detailed information about growing Wasabi (including fertiliser and environment requirements) that will round out the Simple Wasabi Growing System Course."

- Michel (The Wasabi Maestro)
Wasabi Growers Primer

"Bonus #2!"

"How to become a Wasabi farmer without spending money on setting up your Wasabi Farm or killing the Wasabi Plants."

"This is a 12 page report that details how to set up your Business Plan for your Wasabi Farm.

This is what you need to do to make sure that your Wasabi Farm is a success. This is where the Wasabi Maestroes give you the benefit of their 25 years plus in this industry.

Get this wrong and everything else becomes a waste of time. Valued at USD$297.00"

- Michel (The Wasabi Maestro)

Why use our Training and not someone else? 

Setting up Your Wasabi Farm is easy

· Following this detailed map is like “Painting by numbers”. 

· As you move through the steps in order, you find the end result becoming clearer and clearer,

Fast start to getting Your Wasabi Farm

· You can start immediately using the information you get from us.

· Get to the point where you are harvesting wasabi for your market quickly because you have a detailed map to follow.

· With no back tracking you are always moving forward towards your goal.

· Avoid side diversions that slow down your movement towards your goal.

· If you apply yourself you should be able to be ready to start building within a couple of days. Then you might find that you are waiting on the structure and equipment deliveries to start building.

· Don’t get lost in the bureaucratic nightmare that setting up a Wasabi Farm normally entails.

· Get everything sorted out before you start building. Making changes after building starts is always expensive and time consuming.


· Imagine what you will feel like when your Wasabi Farm has been built, and your crop of Wasabi is ready for harvest for selling to your own demanding customers.

· Imagine how your friends, family and neighbours are going to envy you because you followed through and became one of the good Wasabi Growers, maybe the only one in your area.

· Imagine the exhilaration you will feel when you bank your first cheque for the wasabi you have grown and harvested yourself.

Who are we?

Why should people use us, and our Simple Wasabi Growing System?

We have been growing wasabi since 1990. We have set up 18 wasabi farms in 5 different countries on 4 continents.

Each farm has been significantly different to each other. From the Arctic Circle in the North to the Southern part of New Zealand including the Equator, we have built wasabi farms.

From the ice and snow of the Northern hemisphere, to the tropical heat and humidity of Asia and the Equator, to the temperate zones of New Zealand and Europe, we have built wasabi farms.

In the soil, in rivers and streams, gravel beds and hydroponically, we have led the world in wasabi growing systems. We have tried and used them all – for most of them we invented the growing system. We can even build wasabi farms inside buildings (houses, warehouses, sheds, high rise blocks, abandoned buildings). 

We started growing Sawa wasabi hydroponically back in 1992 after Japan and other experts had given up on the idea that wasabi could be grown hydroponically. As an Engineer I applied my engineering knowledge to find the solution that had eluded previous researchers who were Government funded.

In 2004 we announced to the World that we had produced a Nutraceutical grade wasabi product that could be used to kill cancer, and help in the alleviation of other human ailments. This product can now be found in over a 100 different medical and wellness products around the world.

We are continually developing new growing methods to improve the quality and strength of the wasabi produced using our Sawa growing system. These improvements are introduced into wasabi farms as they become available. [Our aim is to produce a pharmaceutical grade natural product that will be approved by the various Health Authorities around the world for curing diseases.]

Benefits of using the Wasabi Maestroes to help you build your Wasabi Farm

· So you get the latest wasabi growing system available

· So you get the best wasabi growing system suitable for your requirements

· So you get access to the Wasabi Maestroes

· So you keep up to date with developments in the Wasabi market

· So you gain knowledge in how to market wasabi yourself

· So you keep all the profits without going through a middleman

· So you do not waste time or money trying to figure out what you don’t know

· So you follow a mapped out path from dream to completion

· So you can become a good Wasabi grower

· So you can be successful

· So you become a leader in your community

· So you network with other Wasabi growers

· So you develop as a person

· So you provide for your family and community

Who are the Wasabi Maestroes?

Michel Van Mellaerts (The Wasabi Maestro) is the recognized World authority and expert on the practical Growing, Processing and Marketing of Wasabia japonica. He and his wife have been commercially growing Wasabia japonica longer than anyone else outside Japan.

Trained as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, with an MBA, he has invented and installed many improved growing systems into their farms. These systems enable high quality Wasabi to be grown anywhere in the World.

The Wasabi Maestroes have set up commercial Wasabi growing farms from the Arctic Circle to Southern New Zealand, including the Equator. They have worked with individual growers, national governments, and investment groups on four continents.

These growing systems have reduced growing times by nearly 67%, improved yield and quality of the Wasabi rhizome, and increased the levels of active ingredients by nearly 100%. It is these active ingredients that independent scientific studies show kills cancer cells and improves human health.

They pioneered the use of Wasabia japonica in the Nutraceutical and Medical industries. They are at the leading edge of research into the benefits of Wasabi on human and animal health.

The Wasabi Maestroes offer a Training and Consultancy service for potential and actual Wasabi growers who only want to learn from the best. Others spend their time floundering around trying to find out what information is useful and what isn’t.

The Training has been proven and improved over the last 25 years plus of personal commercial Wasabi growing. This has been hands on, getting wet and dirty work – not guesswork from behind a desk.

Making a decision to grow Wasabi is the start of a hot, green, and winding road where highwaymen, thieves and vagabonds abound! Welcome aboard.

Buy the Simple Wasabi Growing System today.

My favourite quote at the moment is “There's always a choice, and there's always a risk. But if you live in fear of what might go wrong, you'll end up doing nothing.”

Is there a guarantee? What do we guarantee? If you follow the detailed mapped out path to the letter then you will succeed in setting up and getting operational your wasabi farm.

Compared to potential cost of attempting to set up a wasabi farm by yourself and failing (which is more common than I like to think about), regard our fee as a risk free investment in your future. Following the detailed mapped out path will lead you to a purpose built, operational wasabi farm, whereas doing it alone can lead to massive monetary losses, if not bankruptcy.

However, development of a wasabi farm should not be done on a whim. It takes a lot of time, effort, resources and determination to reach the final goal of having wasabi to sell to customers. It is at this point that you will advance from a wasabi grower to a wasabi growing business person with all the attendant responsibilities of running an active business.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • All the information you need to build your own Wasabi Farm.
  • "Paint by Numbers" simplicity
  • Access to secret and hidden information
  • From a bare site to harvesting and replanting. All areas are covered.
  • No ongoing Franchise or License Fees.
  • Your own boss. Sell to whoever you want.

All this now for just:

A Single Payment for Course only of :


No ongoing License or Franchise Fees

Get Instant Access to
The Simple Wasabi Growing System Course

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"The demand for good Wasabi products is growing at a tremendous rate, but the number of Wasabi growers are dropping. Become a Wasabi Grower now and ride the upsurge in demand!"


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why do people fail?

Why such a low price for the knowledge?

Why are the Wasabi Maestroes making this knowledge available?

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