Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica Capsules

As tested by the Office of Consumer Affairs (Amt für Verbraucherschutz) in Aarau, Switzerland

These capsules are made from the most potent natural plant-based cancer fighter yet discovered.

The plant part used is the rhizome (swollen stem) of Wasabia japonica.

Trimmed fresh Sawa Wasabi rhizome

Trimmed fresh Sawa Wasabi rhizome

These Wasabia japonica are grown in running water under very controlled conditions. Only organic fertilisers are used to ensure that these rhizomes are the very best that can be produced.

After 18 to 24 months of careful nurturing, the plants are hand harvested and the rhizomes separated from the leaves, stems and roots.

The rhizome is then hand cleaned, inspected for quality and then immediately flash frozen and freeze-dried.

After the rhizome has been crushed, the powder is sent away to a couple of independent laboratories to test for the level of active compounds in the batch, and also for microbiological and pesticide contamination. Even though the grower does not use pesticides or herbicides and the processor works under clean area conditions each batch is independently tested to make sure no one has slipped up. This is to ensure that the end user gets the very best product.

The Wasabia japonica is then vacuum packed to retain freshness and the high activity levels of the cancer killing compounds. These pouches are stored in the freezer until they are required to produce the Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica capsules.

Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica Capsules

Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica Capsules – Proven to Kill Cancer Cells.

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100% Wasabia japonica used

To be used in the Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica capsules the minimum level of Glucosinolates (the active stable compounds) must exceed 24,000 ppm.

This powder is all natural, consists of only one part of the Wasabia japonica plant – the rhizome, and does not have anything else added. There are no preservatives, colouring, encapsulation aids or stabilisers added – nothing at all. The only thing in the capsule that is not Wasabia japonica rhizome is the gelatine capsule itself. :)

These Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica capsules are available here.


“SAWA®” 100% Wasabia japonica 220 mg Capsules


Only water grown Wasabia japonica rhizome used. The best there is!

Tested very high in natural Glucosinolates = extreme health benefits!

Get the health benefits without the blow back!

100% Pure Wasabia japonica capsules - Sawa brand - ©World of Wasabi 2011

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1 jar Sawa
® Wasabia japonica Capsules (90 pieces) @ US$39.95 Plus Shipping.

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® Wasabia japonica Capsules (3 x 90 pieces) @ US$109.00 Plus Shipping.

6 Jars Sawa® Wasabia japonica Capsules (6 x 90 pieces) @ US$199.00 Plus Shipping

If you want to make your own capsules then bulk SaWasabi® High Strength Glusosinolate Powder with a minimum tested level of Glucosinolates of 24,000 ppm is available in 50 gm pottles and 1 Kg Resealable Vacuum Packs.

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Latest News

On 30th October 2013, Dr Oz on his syndicated TV program in the USA strongly endorsed the use of Wasabia japonica as a very effective health food and supplement.

Doing a bit of research on the TV program it looks as though Dr. Oz makes this endorsement every 6 months or so. That at least implies that he is genuine about this endorsement, as it is not linked to any specific product or manufacturer, just to the plant itself. It looks like the next time this will be mentioned by Dr. Oz on a nationwide TV show will be in May 2014.

In the program Dr. Oz mentioned the large number of health benefits to the human body by consuming Wasabia japonica. These included;

Killing Cancer cells
Boosting Immune System
Lowering Blood Pressure

In addition to these a number of other benefits were mentioned irrespective of how you consumed the Wasabia japonica – in food or by supplement.

It was also mentioned that only 100% Pure Wasabia japonica has these health benefits and it was important to make sure you only consumed True Wasabia japonica.

This is what Sawa® 100% Wasabia japonica Capsules provide.


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    Would you send me general dosing information when using for abnormal cell growth
    We normally recommend you start with 3 capsules a day in the morning with breakfast. Some people find that they can’t take that many to start with as they get an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. It is nothing to worry about – it is just the active ingredients stimulating the system. If you get that feeling then start with 1 capsule with food (cereal with milk is good) for breakfast. Take another at lunch time with a glass of water and some food.

    Over a couple of weeks you can increase up to 12 capsules a day dependent upon what you are trying to achieve – spread them out through the day, but try and take 3 capsules at a time.

    As a family we take 3 capsules a day as a preventative dose. We do not recommend taking any capsules after 1500 hours (3pm) otherwise you might find that you cannot sleep. [Our boys found that out as they used the Wasabia japonica capsules to stay awake for cramming for their University exams. :)]

    Please note that we are not doctors, and you may want to check with your doctor if you start feeling odd. Wasabia japonica is a natural food, and there are no known problems associated with eating it.


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